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Baker Mayfield is Not the Answer in Cleveland

Photo: Jason Miller

Plaxico Burress: "He's not accurate. You want Baker Mayfield to be this elite franchise quarterback, and he's not elite. He's not going to win you a championship, so you got it wrong. He's not a franchise QB, he's a good player. Just accept the responsibility as an organization and say 'he's not the guy.'"
LaVar Arrington: "I would say Baker Mayfield does not even cross the line of being a franchise quarterback."
TJ Houshmandzadeh: "He's not a top-16 quarterback in the NFL. He's the fourth best quarterback in his own division."

LaVar Arrington, TJ Houshmandzadeh, and Plaxico Burress assess Baker Mayfield's performance in Cleveland thus far. Plaxico asserts that the Browns made a mistake by taking Baker Mayfield as the first overall pick, acknowledging that he is a good quarterback, but not a franchise player. LaVar and TJ agree, saying that Mayfield is not among the top half of starting quarterbacks in the league.