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Cam Jordan Talks Post-Drew Brees Saints and a "Semi-Soft" NFL

Photo: Steph Chambers

Cam Jordan: "Joey Browner would not have played, would not have been the Pro Bowl Safety that he was. Jason Taylor, Michael Strahan... none of those players would have made it early on in their careers. The hits they were putting on quarterbacks, each one of them would have been fined and/or ejected. The game has gone semi-soft, but it's the game we play in right now. We have to protect the receiver, if the receiver is not looking, you can't smack them. Jerry Rice would have gone for 4,000 yards in today's offense. Everybody who plays defense knows our biggest weapon is fear. And we've sort of been handcuffed on the way we're able to hit. We still go out there and hit, cause when guys are running around at their fastest, I'm not really too pressed about exactly where my helmet is. I'm trying to get this guy down, and sometimes it's the nature of the game. This is not basketball, this is not soccer, this is not something we have to worry about if it's a contact sport. This is full blown the last gladiator sport out there, minus rugby."

Saints DE Cam Jordan joins The Joy Taylor Show! Jordan discusses the key factors in the Saints huge win over the Buccaneers in Week 8. Jordan explains how the team has remained confident in their first season since Drew Brees' retirement and after Jameis Winston's injury. Jordan examines the current age of defensive intensity and compares it to what the nature of the game used to be.