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Cassius Marsh Gave Officials A Reason To Throw A Flag

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders

Photo: Getty Images Europe

Dan Patrick: "You know, I didn't like the optics. How it looked with the official with the little nudge back to him, and then you throw the flag. You had time to throw the flag, it was an obvious taunting...I didn't know if he was going to hold on to that flag if he doesn't touch him, or they don't make contact there. In the moment, it's a really important play because Pittsburgh maintains possession of the ball. I didn't like the way it looked with the official there. Cassius Marsh should know better, maybe he doesn't because he's usually not in those moments, but you gave the official the opportunity to be able to throw the flag.

After the officiating in last night's Chicago Bears - Pittsburgh Steelers match-up caused a stir on social media, Dan Patrick and the Danette's react to the taunting penalty called on Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh after he apparently stared down the Steelers sideline then bumped into the referee. Listen to Dan explain that while it may not have looked great to outside observers, the player needs to recognize the situation better!