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Kyrie Irving Being On The All-Star Ballot Does Not Make Sense

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Despite not having played a single game this season, Kyrie Irving will reportedly be on the ballot for this season's All-Star game in Cleveland. Rob Parker and Martin Weiss (In for Chris Broussard) find it puzzling and believe it does not make sense.

Rob Parker: "He will probably not play a game...I don't think it's right. The all-star team is supposed to be about the best players through the first half of that NBA season. If Kyrie was playing more power to him. But I think there'll be somebody, an all-star, who won't be on that team because people will vote for Kyrie, who hadn't played all year playing in the all-star game."

Martin Weiss: "You have to play...It's one thing if you're debating maybe ten games or fifteen games, or enough to have played to qualify...There has to be some consequences for your actions and this is the consequence Kyrie said 'I'm good with'.