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Could Mike White's Career Be the "Tom Brady Story" Repeating Itself?

Photo: Andy Lyons

Jason Smith: “History often repeats itself, and 20 years ago there was another AFC East team who had an established QB who was the starter and his backup was a 6th rounder who was just on the team, and his name, was Tom Brady. Could this be the Tom Brady story repeating itself? So are 7 Super Bowls in the Jets future? I just want to put that into the universe. Starting Mike White makes so much sense, because it’s so anti Jets. The Jets never do it right, so saddling in with Mike White after they invested so much into Zac Wilson is great because they have options. I don’t care who starts, as long as they win.”

Listen to Jason Smith of “The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon,” gush over the fact that the Jets will be rolling with QB Mike White as their starter this Sunday against the Bills. Jason believes that history could be repeating itself, and the Mike White story is eerily similar to Tom Brady’s.