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These Fans Topped List of NFL Fans Most Likely to Start a Fight

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

A recent study ranked the NFL fanbases most likely to start a fight and, to no one's surprise, Philadelphia Eagles fans topped the list. reports Eagles fans are the most likely to both start and win a fight among all 32 NFL fanbases.

The website said it surveyed the league's fans nationwide while compiling data on weekly incidents in the stands.

Philadelphia sports fans have earned a hostile reputation for decades, which includes a notorious incident in which Eagles fans booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus during a game against the Minnesota Vikings in December 1968.

Unsurprisingly, the Las Vegas Raiders' fan base -- which also has a notorious reputation leaguewide -- ranked second on both lists.

The study also included the fanbases most likely to stop a fight (Seattle Seahawks) and lose a fight (Indianapolis Colts).

The full results from the study are listed below per

Fans who would start a fight

  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  2. Las Vegas Raiders
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. New England Patriots
  5. Dallas Cowboys
  6. Buffalo Bills
  7. Chicago Bears
  8. Baltimore Ravens
  9. New York Giants
  10. Cleveland Browns

Fans most likely to win a fight

  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  2. Las Vegas Raiders
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Buffalo Bills
  5. Dallas Cowboys
  6. New England Patriots
  7. Chicago Bears
  8. Green Bay Packers
  9. Baltimore Ravens
  10. Cleveand Browns

Fans who would stop a fight

  1. Seattle Seahawks
  2. Minnesota Vikings
  3. San Francisco 49ers
  4. Arizona Cardinals
  5. Tennessee Titans
  6. Denver Broncos
  7. Indianapolis Colts
  8. Carolina Panthers
  9. Washington Football Team
  10. Miami Dolphins

Fans most likely to lose a fight

  1. Indianapolis Colts
  2. Carolina Panthers
  3. Tennessee Titans
  4. Washington Football Team
  5. Miami Dolphins
  6. Cincinnati Bengals
  7. Los Angeles Chargers
  8. Arizona Cardinals
  9. Los Angeles Rams
  10. Denver Broncos

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