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Here's What Colin Cowherd Said About the Panthers Bringing Cam Newton Back

Colin Cowherd: “The seventh playoff spot in the NFC is WIDE open… Cam has done two things, and it sounds superficial but ‘IMAGE’ matters. When Cam was sitting out there without work he would release videos of him dripping sweat and working out. Belichick appreciates that and Belichick says ‘we’ll take ya.’ Cam Newton is then on the market: ‘I’M GOING TO GET VACCINATED.’ Say what you want, but considering the situation we just had with an unvaccinated quarterback in the last 5-6 days, what’s the imaging? Don’t kid yourself on this, imaging matters and it sends a message to teams. Not to be political, but with Cam getting the vaccination, what it told me was that ‘hey, I’m serious, I’ll do whatever it takes, I may have been reticent, but I’m getting it because I want to play’, and I think Carolina listened… Don’t burn bridges, you never know.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor discuss the breaking news on Thursday of Cam Newton returning to his old stomping grounds in Carolina, as a serious Sam Darnold shoulder injury has put the plummeting Panthers in a dire need for a quarterback.

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