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Why You Shouldn't Be Excited that Cam Newton is Back in the NFL

Doug Gottlieb: “Look, I’m not a Cam Newton hater, I’m just a Cam Newton realist. The guy suffered through a ton of injuries, he’s taken a savage beating, and unlike Lamar Jackson, was unable to avoid all those hits. I’m not saying it’s not good to have him back in Carolina but anyone who thinks we’re going to hit the way back machine, start pumping out hits, and be the Comeback Player of the Year…yea I don’t think so. Tom Brady is the exception, Cam Newton is the rule." (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss the Carolina Panthers reuniting with Cam Newton after a year hiatus away from the same franchise that drafted him first overall in the 2011 NFL Draft, as Doug has his doubts about Newton making any sort of impact.

The 32-year-old Newton spent 9 seasons with the Panthers in which he won an MVP and an NFC Championship in the same dream season of 2015, but failed to put together back-to-back winning seasons during his tenure.

Newton spent the 2020 season with the New England Patriots where he went 7-8 as a starter, and threw just 8 touchdown passes in 15 games.

The three-time Pro Bowler was released by the Patriots during training camp during a regrettable span where he violated league COVID protocols and potentially lost his job to Mac Jones because of it.

Check out the video above where Doug compares Newton’s rollercoaster career to a ‘Beyond the Music’ episode, which was a popular VH1 show during the ’90s that chronicled popular bands, often ones that experienced extreme but short-lived success, through the best and worst of times, and usually through the lens of sorrowful regret.

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