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Chiefs Huge Victory Brings New Layer to Week 11 Matchup with the Cowboys

Photo: Chris Unger

RJ Bell: "Summer line for Kanas City vs. Dallas was Kansas City -7.5, so over a touchdown before the season started. Now, the look-ahead line is Kansas City -2.5. So Vegas is saying these are even teams, with Kansas City homefield giving them the 2.5. This last weekend, both Kansas City and Dallas looked great. I still think this line is exploitable because, if you look at this season, who could say that Kansas City is as good as Dallas? The only thing I hate about this is that Dallas is a team that I'm looking to fade. I think their defense is hugely overrated. Whoever wins this game, I'm looking to fade next week. I still want to play Dallas, but maybe this will give me a chance to see the Chiefs for one more week, and I'll look to fade them next week. I just don't get, if it was as easy as what we saw last night, why did it take the Chiefs so long to cover the spread like this?"

RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman break down how you can exploit the betting line for Chiefs vs. Cowboys on the back of the Chiefs' blowout victory over the Raiders. The guys explore why they're not as quick to label the Chiefs as being "back" as many bettors may tend to believe, especially given their long-recorded struggles against the spread (4-21-1 over their last 26 ATS). Plus, RJ explains why he continues to look to fade the Dallas Cowboys.