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Russell Wilson Came Back Too Soon

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers

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Monday on 2 Pros and Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington call out Russell Wilson for coming back too soon from his mallet finger surgery. Brady and LaVar also share in graphic detail, their experiences with recovery from the same injury and surgery.

Brady Quinn: "It didn't look the same. He can say it felt fine or it wasn't the issue, but it was and he doesn't want to admit it. And now he's mentally trying to build himself up to overcome that... The reality is he came back too soon. You can say he gives them the best chance to win when healthy; well I don't think he's that close to being a hundred percent healthy and I think you need a week or two more to be able to feel more comfortable throwing the football, more accurate throwing the football."
Jonas Knox: "When is this going to be healed? Is it this season or is this just going to be where he's at the entire year?"
Brady Quinn: "It's healed but it's a new normal. LaVar can speak to this. Anytime you have an injury, it's never going to go back to what it was. They splice you open. You cut off nerve endings. You had a pin shoved into your finger and then they literally take a pair of plyers, they block your arm so you can't feel it and you can watch, like I did because I'm a psycho, you can watch them pull those pins out."
LaVar Arrington: "Yeah, I've had that happen."
Brady Quinn: "No it doesn't feel like it did before. It will never go back to feeling exactly how it did before. So that's the reality. He has to now adjust and adapt to a new normal. It is what it is."
Jonas Knox: "So the new normal, can he still be effective?"
LaVar Arrington: "Yeah, of course... NFL players are one of the highest caliber of athletes and Russ is an athlete. He'll adjust and adapt but it certainly looked like it will take him some time for him to figure out that new normal."