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Teddy Bridgewater Made a Business Decision vs the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos

Photo: Getty Images

Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas, Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Teddy Bridgwater wanting no part of tackling Eagles DB Darius Slay as he returned a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Brady defends the Broncos QB for making a decision that was best for him and the team long-term, but the guys agree this is going to look really bad on film and could haunt him in the locker-room.

Brady Quinn: "That's a business decision but can I just defend him for a second. What is best for the Broncos moving forward? Is it Teddy starting this year or not, because it is. We've already gone though Drew Lock and that's not really their best chance at winning. So Teddy starting is their best shot. He made a decision and I think probably what flashed through his head is all the times he's been injured that have kept him out of being in a different point in time in his career as a quarterback. That's the reality of it. His knee injury, granted non-contact, in Minnesota but then some other stuff he's dealt with since, that's what's kept him from ultimately being the guy that can be a franchise starting quarterback. So, he understands, it's a business decision in the sense of, 'Hey, if I want to be on a roster next year, the last thing I want to to try and tackle this guy a separate my throwing shoulder.'"
Jonas Knox: "Not an ideal look though... Does that piss his teammates off?"
LaVar Arrington: "Yeah, it's going to look bad. That's one coaches will rewind a hundred times."