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Noah Syndergaard's Contract Could Bring Change To MLB Free Agency

Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two

Photo: Getty Images North America

After signing a one year $21 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels, Noah Syndergaard may actually be cause of change in MLB free agency. Jason Smith and Mike Harmon share how the potential labor strike plays a part in all of this.

Jason Smith: "If Noah Syndergaard whose pitched two innings in the last two years is getting $21 million from the Angels, that means that even though there's a work stoppage that's threatening to come, teams are still going to load up and give contracts for the short-term. It's the big, long ones that you're not going to see. So I'm wondering if you're going to see some players who are going 'Hey I made $18 million last year, but boy I still need money, I'll sign for one year and $18 million because I might not get that long contract now, and I don't want to get stuck'. It's a gamble for both sides.

Mike Harmon: "I've long been a proponent of the mercenary effect...In this particular case how many people were going to sign up for a long-term deal for him, I think for him would be the other way to look at it"