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RJ's Best Bet: Alabama Will Not Make The College Football Playoff

Southern Miss v Alabama

Photo: Getty Images North America

Despite Alabama currently having a 9-1 record and being ranked second in the College Football Playoff Rankings, RJ is placing his Best Bet on the odds that Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide will miss out on the playoff festivities.

RJ Bell: "Alabama to get into the playoff is -130. They're favored, $130 wins you $100. Now consider something, this is a mind-blower...Alabama is a three point underdog to Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. You can bet it right now. If you're a +3 dog, it means you're an underdog...So if they win they're in but you could bet them -130 to be in...or you can bet them to beat Georgia and get what's our plus payout there?"

MacKenzie Rivers: "+140."

RJ Bell: "What these odds are telling us, shockingly, is that Alabama could get in with two losses. That they could lose to Georgia and get in...How could that be?...I'm having an epiphany Best Bet time. Best Bet Alabama to NOT make the playoffs +115."