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Rob Parker Rips Matthew Stafford and the 'Fraudulent' Rams

Rob Parker: “This is the Matthew Stafford that I’ve been talking about for a long time. People acted like Matthew Stafford was the ‘second-coming’ and ‘The Messiah’, was going to lead them to the Super Bowl, what an upgrade he was over Jared Goff, and how unbelievable it was that they stole him from the Lions. I watched him since his very first snap in Detroit and watched him in big games. I watched him beat up inferior competition and put up Hall of Fame numbers. I’ve also watched Matthew Stafford when they’ve played the big boys in the games that matter. THIS is who Matthew Stafford is. He doesn’t perform against the better teams and in the big games. For all of the people that were sending the Rams to the Super Bowl and Matthew Stafford was going to be your MVP, THEY’RE FRAUDULENT TO THIS POINT. FRAUDULENT WITH A CAPITAL ‘F’. THEY’RE NOT GOING TO A SUPER BOWL. HAVE YOU WATCHED THEM GET PUSHED AROUND THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS LIKE RAGDOLLS? THIS IS NOT THE NUMBER ONE DEFENSE OF A YEAR AGO. SUPER BOWL? MY BUTT! WHEN MATTHEW STAFFORD WINS A BIG GAME IN A BIG SPOT, CALL ME! ALL OF YOU GUYS WERE WRONG! THEY’RE PLAYING LIKE THE LAMBS! They’re NOT going to the Super Bowl because A) they’re not physical B) this ain’t no ‘shut down’ defense like they had a year ago, and C) Matthew Stafford has disintegrated when the games have mattered most. HOW THE HELL DID THEY LOSE TO THE TITANS IN LOS ANGELES WITHOUT DERRICK HENRY?? THAT WAS AN INDICTMENT!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker uncork on Matthew Stafford and the suddenly slumping Rams, as Rob calls them the league’s biggest fraud after dropping their second consecutive game in humiliating fashion.

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