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The Warriors Are the Best TEAM in the NBA

Photo: Sean M. Haffey

Dan Patrick is thoroughly impressed with Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, especially after they trounced the Nets in Brooklyn last night. He compares them to a great soccer team that always makes the right pass and keeps the ball moving. Their hot start to the season is reminder that basketball is still a team game and, for now at least, the Warriors appear to be the best even without star shooting guard Klay Thompson who should be returning fairly soon. But it is only November, and there is a whole lot of basketball left to be played.

Dan Patrick: “The Warriors’ hot start is a reminder that basketball is still a team game. And (Steph) Curry seems to help his teammates play their best...I don’t know if Golden State’s the best team in the NBA, but somebody has to be the best team in the NBA right now. So, judging by what they’ve done, you beat the Nets in Brooklyn...I don’t know who the best team is right now, but I would say, what we’ve seen from Golden State so far, that’s a really good team...but it’s November!”