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Sources Tell Dan Patrick: 12-Team College Football Playoff Is Coming Soon

Photo: Streeter Lecka

Dan Patrick’s sources are at it again as they tell DP that there will be a vote in December about expanding the College Football Playoff to 12 teams as soon 2023. In fact, Dan says the 12-team CFP is coming regardless; it’s just a matter of when. He says 2025 will be the year it begins if they can’t get this vote passed in the next few weeks, but there is a real chance we’ll see this expansion in the next couple of years.

Dan Patrick: “It’s going to be for 2023 that we’d have 12 teams. And they’re going to vote in December from what I’m told and, if they don’t pass this, then it’s going to have to wait until 2025. Yeah, Seton?”

Seton O’Connor: “So it’s going to 12 regardless, it’s just a matter of which year?”

Dan: “Yes, if not 2023, then 2025.”