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Are the Bills Still Better Than the Patriots?

Photo: Joshua Bessex

RJ Bell: "You still think the Bills are better than the Patriots?! What the heck have you seen?! I just think that the idea of the Bills having these great priors - it was just one year. I know that the most recent year is the most important year, but they've got a lot of new faces. The theory was that they're much better on defense, I don't know if that's true. If all that happens to the Bills is the adjustment of the defenses starts to hinder their offense, and the defense isn't near as good as it seems, it's kind of like last year but a bit better. If the Bills get up to 14th in defense, and they're 10th in offense, that's not anywhere near a Super Bowl team."

RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman debate the Buffalo Bills' standing in the AFC playoff picture. RJ feels that this latest huge loss is indicative of bigger problems facing the Bills. RJ breaks down why he think the Patriots are clearly a better team and great Super Bowl threat than the Bills right now.