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Dak Prescott Continues to Show He is Not Elite

Photo: David Eulitt

Rob Parker: "This is one of the things I stand by with Matthew Stafford, and Dak Prescott has way better talent around him than Stafford had, you've got to win more games against the better teams. Cause when you get to the playoffs, the only teams you face are the ones over .500, the best of the best. So that's why his record against those teams is a bit of a measuring stick. I don't believe he is elite. I think he is a very good quarterback, I put him in the second-tier, but not in the elite tier."
Chris Broussard: "As much as I like him, people have been giving him a little too much love this year."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the Dallas Cowboys giving a poor performance in their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Rob doubles down on his assertion that Dak Prescott is not an elite quarterback, as he continues to win struggles against the best teams in the league. Chris acknowledges that Prescott's play on Sunday could have been much better, but he breaks down why Prescott is not the biggest reason for the Cowboys' loss.