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Amari Cooper's Selfishness is Hurting the Cowboys

Photo: Richard Rodriguez

Doug Gottlieb: "You're making $25 million, guess what dude, you got to go get the shot, because we can't play without you. We spent $20 million of our cap on you. It's incredibly selfish. I get that wide receivers inherently are told to be selfish. But you're playing in a team sport where you've got to have everyone up and going. You knew the rules, you tried to skate the rules, now in the middle of a huge part of the season you get COVID, bro you're killing us. You, personally. Your personal decision. You put you above us, and that is anti all team sports, and especially football culture."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to Michael Irvin ripping into Amari Cooper for neglecting the NFL's COVID protocols.. Doug acknowledges that Cooper reserves the right to remain unvaccinated from COVID-19, but agrees with Irvin's assessment that Cooper is being selfish for refusing to help his team by getting the vaccination. Doug sounds off on Cooper for putting himself ahead of his team.