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Jaguars Need to Be Patient with Trevor Lawrence


Chris Broussard: "I think it's as simple as this - be patient. That's it. Be patient. If you run an NFL team, you've got to insist to your group that you're not going to respond to every media soliloquy, develop at your own pace, don't panic if you lose a few games. Case and point - Josh Allen."
Rob Parker: "Where are they off to? The Jaguars need to get Trevor Lawrence going and keep him out there, let him struggle. Don't go backwards, you've got to play pro set. It doesn't make sense to go backwards."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to a report indicating that the Jaguars' front office is split over the development process of Trevor Lawrence. The guys acknowledge that the top overall pick has not seen much success this season, but advise Jaguars fans to be patient with the Lawrence and his development.