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The More Baker Mayfield Plays, the Less Valuable He Is

Photo: Jason Miller

Baker Mayfield is playing hurt but isn’t really helping his team. He has also been combative toward portions of his fan base recently which Dan Patrick thinks is completely unnecessary. And now, he is approaching the final year of his contract in Cleveland and it’s likely he’ll be asking for a $40M/year price tag on his next deal, a figure he probably isn’t worth. Unless he can make a stronger impact on the field, his next contract will be a disappointment.

Dan Patrick: “These quarterbacks and their agents all expect to get $40 million, ‘I’m the next guy up...’ Baker Mayfield is not worth $40 million... But you can’t turn on the fans. You can’t make it about you! He’s playing hurt, but he’s not helping his team and he’s probably hurting himself in the bigger picture, the long term. The more he plays, it feels like, the less valuable he is.”