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LaVar Arrington Believes James Franklin Has Penn State on the Right Track

Penn State v Wisconsin

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Wednesday on 2 Pros and Cup of Joe, LaVar Arrington calls out the critics of James Franklin's 10-year extension, and explains why Penn State needed to fight to keep their head coach.

LaVar Arrington: "When you're trying to figure out what the right recipe is to be a consistent winner, especially in the Big 10, like how Ohio State has achieved, it takes time to develop that. I think that this was the right decision. I thought it was the right move. I was super excited about it. He hit me up days before this happened and said we'd talk soon and I thought he was leaving.
Let me explain to you guys who want to be ignoramuses about how this all works. If James Franklin leaves Penn State, all those five-star, four-star guys that are there right now, playing for Penn State, are all transfer portal guys who are going with him... In essence rendering Penn State a wounded, sitting duck with absolutely no type of defense to protect itself or take a step forward. It would actually take our program so far back if we lost James Franklin, in so many different ways. To me, you got to be careful for the things that you wish for."
Brady Quinn: "James Franklin has done a hell of a job there so I'm with ya. It might have been a mistake if he left that situation to go somewhere else, because I think they're close. And on top of that; for people who are frustrated with the deal, that's the reality for what these coaches are getting. You either gotta ante up or you can't be a part of this process."