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LeBron James' Toughness Won't Help the Lakers

LeBron's Toughness Won't Help Lakers

Today on The Doug Gottlieb Show, Doug reacts to comments made by former NBA champion Kevin Garnett regarding Lebron James' toughness, and he thinks they are somewhat stereotypical. Garnett's contention was that LeBron James is tough, partly because he is from Akron, Ohio. Doug doesn't agree with the Hall of Famer, and he's actually indifferent about the whole LeBron 'toughness' conversation, but he does see the dysfunction in the Lakers and lists several reasons the purple and gold have not shined.

Doug Gottlieb: "I don't care about Lebron James popping a guy in the face. You know, Isaiah Stewart when they're boxing, I don't care about any of that. That team needs to figure out how to play. They're not healthy yet. They're still figuring out their rotations. I like what they're doing with Russell Westbrook with Anthony Davis running low side pick-and-roll and clearing out space, but people will adjust to it. I don't think they are nearly as good defensively on the perimeter as they were last year and that's what we told you would happen....They're just kind of a dysfunctional mess right now."

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