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Nick Wright Has a Surprising Take on LeBron's One-Game Suspension

Nick Wright: “I think Adam Silver should have the discretion ‘stars serve short-term suspensions at home on non-nationally televised games.’ So, LeBron, what is your next game at Staples Center that isn’t on national TV? That’s when the suspension kicks in. Who benefits from LeBron James not playing on TNT on his one trip to Madison Square Garden?? What if this was their one trip a year to Indiana? Do you know how much that sucks to the fans of Indiana who bought tickets? I don’t want to sound like the guy who says ‘WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS??’ but the kids are like ‘this is my time to see LeBron’, and because of THIS he misses that game? Fans in LA have 41 chances a year to see him. It’s not just LeBron, but ALL stars. Similar to how they say ‘try not to load-manage on nationally televised games’, the NBA will just say you’re suspended for your next home game. How many more times is LeBron going to play at MSG? We all lost out on it and that sucks.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright offer up a unique solution to why he thinks the NBA should go about suspending the league’s best players in the future, as LeBron James’ one-game suspension from a controversial elbow to the face of Pistons’ player Isaiah Stewart cost him a nationally televised game at Madison Square Garden vs. the Knicks.

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