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College Football Has the Best Rivalries in American Sports

Photo: Mike Mulholland

On this rivalry week in college football, Michigan finally got over on the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday after a decade of futility and Dan Patrick couldn’t ask for more. Dan reminds us that games like those are what make college football so special, and it means more to fans than games in the NFL. And he and the Dannettes explore the repercussions of the Wolverines’ win on the College Football Playoff picture.

Dan Patrick: “Michigan’s win over Ohio State’s gonna have a huge impact on the College Football Playoff picture. But even more at stake for the Wolverines after being dominated for an entire decade, Michigan got a measure of revenge beating up on the Buckeyes. Saturday was a great example of what makes college football so special. You don’t find that kind of emotion in the NFL. But what you saw in Ann Arbor, it’s unlike anyplace else in American sports. These are the kind of games that mean more to more people. And the same can be said for Alabama, that great comeback against Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Oklahoma State fending off Oklahoma; another wild finish. Rivalries in other sports have been watered-down in recent years. They’re still going strong when it comes to college football.”