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Wild Coaching Carousel Proves College Football Needs Stable Leadership

Photo: Kevork Djansezian

Jason Smith: “College Football is running off the rails, and what it needs to regather itself, is to not have the sport be run by power brokers and conference commissioners. They’re the ones running the sport right now, and are making decisions allowing teams to jump conferences freely. College Football is constantly changing, and needs some consistency and stability. Lincoln Riley is leaving because he has a better chance of being the competition to beat in the Pac-12, rather than the SEC or Big 12. Until College Football gets a governing body in, whether it be a commissioner or a board, this is going to continue to happen in the sport. Something seismic will happen every few months. The sport needs some type of leadership.”

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the crazy coaching carousel taking place in college football over the last 48 hours. Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly, two big name coaches, have both left their respective programs in the last 48 hours for new opportunities. Jason tells you why this is bad for the sport, and why college football has to retake the reigns and have some sort of leadership.