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Expectations of Baker Mayfield Remain High If He's Healthy Enough to Play

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker express their concerns with Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson. Baker Mayfield continues to underperform as quarterback of the Cleveland Browns repeatedly. These concerning performances have Chris Broussard thinking that the Browns should try to acquire Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, or even Deshaun Watson before they dare sign Baker Mayfield to a long-term contract.

"If I'm the Cleveland Browns, I'm kicking the tires at Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, or Deshaun Watson if he can play...Baker Mayfield is not horrible, but he's not great. He's not elite, and I don't see him becoming elite."

Rob Parker tries to give Baker Mayfield the benefit of the doubt and thinks Mayfield's injuries have been the reason for his struggles, but Chris Broussard shoots that down. Broussard believes that if a player is okayed by the medical staff to play, how bad could Mayfield's injuries be? Broussard says the expectations of Mayfield remain the same as long as he's healthy enough to step on the field.

Watch the video above as Chris and Rob also dive into Lamar Jackson who may have scored a victory over the Cleveland Browns but not without getting four ugly interceptions from the defense.