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New England Patriots Are Legit Super Bowl Contenders

The New England Patriots are on a roll with six straight wins. This run has propelled them to the top of the AFC East and places them right behind the Baltimore Ravens in the entire AFC conference. Chris Broussard believes this squad, with rookie quarterback Mac Jones under center, has graduated from playoff team to Super Bowl contender.

"Here's how far I'll go; I said they were a playoff team. And I definitely had not considered them legitimate Super Bowl contenders meaning I had not given them any chance of getting to the Super Bowl even though I thought they'd make the playoffs. But I'm ready to say NOW that they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. They're not the favorite..."

Rob Parker opposes this take, saying he thinks it's far too soon to tell:

"I'm not ready yet to think that they're going to the Super Bowl. I think that's way, way premature. There will be a time and a moment where you can't have the training wheels on, and you might need your quarterback to make a throw or make a play in a pressure situation."

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