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Russell Wilson Is Not Long for Seattle

Photo: Patrick Smith

Frustrations are mounting for the Seahawks after losing to the Washington Football Team and falling to 3-8. At this time last year, Russell Wilson was being considered as an MVP candidate and now he is in the midst of the worst season of his career. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where things have gone wrong but it’s not hard to see that it just isn’t working right now in Seattle. Dan Patrick is convinced that Wilson will be playing for a new squad next season as he tries to climb back up the totem pole of elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

Dan Patrick: “I don’t know how much of this is Russ (Wilson), I don’t know if it’s Pete Carroll, the coaching staff, all of the (above), but it’s changed since a year ago...the Legion of Boom days are gone and now you got some real serious questions...Russ was unhappy with a 12-4 season, imagine how he feels now? You’re 3-8! He’s having his worst season ever. This is a guy that you pencil in; you don’t even use a pencil, you use pen, a Sharpie, for double-digit wins every single year. And now he’s looking around and he’s further and further and further away from Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, (and) Patrick Mahomes. He’s moving down the totem pole. I can’t imagine that Russ is going to go, ‘No, I’m gonna...go Hawks! I’m gonna stay here.’ I just don’t see it happening.”