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Troy Aikman Says 'All-Star' Teams Like the Rams Don't Win Super Bowls

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to former NFL quarterback, Troy Aikman who had an interesting takeaway from the struggles of the LA Rams, who just lost their third straight game:

“We’ve talked about it — the all-star team just — I’ve never seen it work in the NFL. I know Washington tried it back in, I think, ‘99. I’ve just never seen a team that goes out and tries to put together this all-star team that can win a Super Bowl, much less success,” Aikman said. “It usually unravels, and right now, that’s kind of what’s happening to the Rams. They’ve just not been very consistent.”

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss if there's some truth to this statement. Are the Rams' need to stack talent leading toward their eventual ruin as history has shown, or has Aikman left out other teams that have had success putting together 'All-Star' teams? Chris argues that last year's construction of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers seemed like an 'All-Star' team. Watch the discussion above!