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Brian Kelly Is Already Embracing the South

Photo: Jonathan Bachman

Dan Patrick pokes a little fun at new LSU Head Football Coach Brian Kelly after his impassioned speech to the Tigers' faithful at Wednesday night’s basketball game. Somehow, despite hailing from Massachusetts, it sounds like Kelly has already picked up a southern accent. The hilarity ensues as Dan and the Dannettes consider Kelly’s new drawl as well as other ‘acquired’ accents from celebrities throughout the years.

Dan Patrick: “Wait, how long does it take to get an accent? This strikes me as when Madonna went to London, and she came back with an English accent. Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean, at least Madonna was married to Guy Ritchie. It took a couple years. Gwyneth Paltrow went to London for a weekend and came back with an accent...I went to Australia to do a story on Shawn Bradley; I didn’t come home with an Australian accent. Or when I went to Rio for the Olympics, or when I went to London for the Olympics, or I went to Sochi for the Olympics, I didn’t come back with accents!”