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Former Redskins Player Rips Robert Griffin III For Upcoming Tell-All Book

Fred Smoot: “’Sensitive thugs need a hug’ and RGIII is one of these sensitive thugs who needs a hug. Tell me a man who ever came out with a tell-all book?? No man has ever done this. Then he said ‘I’m going to tell everybody how I got sexually harassed', the ugliest quarterback of all time… I just don’t know what RGIII was thinking, at what point does this benefit him? At the end of the day, nobody is waiting for RGIII’s thoughts about Washington. Then he named it ‘Surviving Washington’, was R. Kelly there?? Did I miss something?? Bobby [RGIII] is an irritant, and that’s what Bobby loves to do. Bobby failed at his career in the NFL, let’s be honest, now he wants to bring attention to himself by any means necessary, and that’s why he wrote this book, and I can’t believe somebody is actually going to read it. I wish I was blind. He should of wrote a book called ‘Surviving the Browns’, is this dude serious?? At one point is he really as important as he thinks he is? This guy is not who you think he is, I’m sorry. I don’t know who is helping him with his afterlife after football but they are leading him in the wrong direction.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to former Washington Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot join Fox Sports Radio’s ‘Up on Game’ podcast with Lavar Arrington, Plaxico Burress, and TJ Houshmandzadeh, ripping ex-Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III on his upcoming tell-all book about his negative experiences with the Washington football franchise.

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