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Kenny Pickett Guarantees a Rule Change for the ‘Pickett Slide’


Pittsburgh Panthers Quarterback and Heisman Trophy Finalist, Kenny Pickett joins Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show. They talk about his experiences as a football fan during his youth, with Kenny proclaiming himself and Eagles fan and Donovan McNabb supporter. They address his fake slide and the strong likelihood that there will be a rule change as a result. He says he still hasn’t decided whether he will play in the Peach Bowl but doesn’t hesitate to say he’d vote for himself to win the Heisman if given the chance.

Dan Patrick: “As far as the ‘Pickett Slide,’ where you didn’t give yourself up and you kept running: how long had you thought about that move against Wake Forest?”

Kenny Pickett: “I never thought about doing it, ever. It was just kind of an instinct thing. I got to the sideline (and) all the quarterbacks were asking like, what was I thinking, what was I planning on doing? I had no idea. I just kind of, I blinked and the next thing I knew I ended up in the endzone so, I just kind of a player, you just kind of feel things. I felt them pull up before I even was going to start to slide. I think that’s the only way I could have had that idea to do that in that moment and how fast I was going. But, you know, it worked out for us.”

Dan: “Do you think they’re going to change the rule?”

Kenny: “Oh, I’m sure. I mean, people are saying I cheated. I think that’s a little, you know, ridiculous, there’s no rule for it. There’s guys that fake running out-of-bounds and all that stuff, and I’ve never done that. This was just kind of like a...I couldn’t even tell you what I was thinking, I just went out there and did it. But I guarantee, with how much publicity it’s getting, I’m sure there will be a rule next year.”