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Matthew Stafford Has Been Just As Good As Tom Brady This Season

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

Jason Smith: "This goes to show you that when you have the image, you're going to get everything. When you don't have the image, people are going to find ways to not recognize you. Right now, you're talking about the 2 quarterbacks that are having the best years, it's Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford. They've been 1 and 1A. The conversation should be about how the next few weeks will determine who wins the MVP between Brady and Stafford. But it's been Brady at the top, and nobody mentions Stafford. If you're being honest, if you're looking at what they've achieved, they're neck-and-neck with each other, but you wouldn't know it."

Jason Smith explains why the conversations about Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford have been different despite having similar seasons. Jason believes Stafford is not being given the same respect as Tom Brady this year entirely because of the significance of Tom Brady's image, despite the fact that the two quarterbacks are both having strong, similar seasons.