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Ray Allen Plans to Be in Attendance when Steph Curry Breaks His Record

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Basketball Hall of Fame legend and current NBA career 3-point shooting record holder, Ray Allen joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They spend some time talking about his career, whether he is the best shooter of all-time, and which players have jump shots he can respect. He tells Dan he is going to make every effort to be in attendance when Steph Curry breaks his record despite his busy schedule. He knows how big the moment will be and wants to help Steph celebrate accordingly.

Dan Patrick: “Have you been asked to go to the game in Philadelphia or in Indiana, the next two games for Steph?” ”

Ray Allen: “Yeah, I’ve talked with, I spoke with the people with the Warriors, and I actually spoke with Steph a little bit trying to kind of help him navigate this whole process. It’s an exciting time for him and I tried to give him kind of what I was dealing with, you know, going into the game, and everything that led up to it. And, you know, I was fortunate because I broke the record in Boston against the Lakers with Reggie (Miller) in the building so it’s just only appropriate that I find my way there by hook or by crook...”

Dan: “Why don’t you go and heckle him, Ray? Why don’t you, like, put up a sign or yell out, ‘I’m the king!’?”

Ray: “Because, if you haven’t watched anything over the last 12 years, that’s not going to bother Steph.”