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Urban Meyer Was the Victim of a Hit Job

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars

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Thursday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the Jaguars firing Urban Meyer following the claims from their former Kicker Josh Lambo, that the head coach kicked him in preseason warmups. Timing of these reports has the guys wondering if this was a hit job from the inside and if Shad Khan was looking for a reason to fire Urban Meyer for cause.

Brady Quinn: "The thing is the timeline of all this. This happened in August... I think Shad Khan lied to everyone. Shad Khan I think wanted to fire Urban Meyer after the Ohio incident, the optics, everything else, and maybe felt early on he made a mistake. But, you know what he couldn't do? He couldn't fire him with cause. This resurfaced again and I wouldn't be shocked if it wasn't a hit job from the inside. With all the stuff that was leaked out, coaches on the staff that I can assure you were leaking stuff, maybe even someone on the front office side, with a big title if you know what I mean, and I think this was one of those things that got whispered into Shad Khan's ear and they said hey you can get out from underneath this with cause. So they can fire him, they're not going to have to pay whatever's there or you pay a reduced amount through a settlement. That's what this was about.
Shad Khan must have felt like at some point they wanted to move on and they needed to figure a way out and they realized after the incident in Ohio, it wasn't enough. You weren't able to fire Urban Meyer with cause then, and now they got a chance to because the Josh Lambo incident. Again, the NFLPA, I didn't hear them make a big fuss about it. And so outside of this being reported, which happened months ago, we're now using that as cause to fire the guy? None of it really makes sense as far as the timeline of when the incident occurred and now the decision that they're making. Was Shad Khan completely unaware of this as an owner? Did Josh Lambo just decide to try and pile on now with everything else that was coming out?"