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Why It's Time For the Lakers to Rid Themselves of Anthony Davis

Jason Smith: “Anthony Davis has become that player who is now going to be responsible for everything wrong with the Lakers. Every team has a player like that where when things go bad it always goes back to blaming this person. You have seen the narrative on AD flip overnight. It went from ‘Anthony Davis comes to the Lakers, he’s the missing piece, and him and LeBron are going to win championship after championship’ and since the Bubble his ascension has not happened, and now it’s an avalanche. The overall consensus is ‘THIS IS ANTHONY DAVIS’ FAULT.’ AD is a guy who plays really well and he seems pretty happy with the player that he is. He’s not a player that’s going to say ‘I have to come out and dominate and do everything I can all the way through.’ He has incredible physical gifts and that’s what he uses, but he’s very much like Lamar Odom, in which Odom was happy to be the player that he was. Was he driven to succeed and win titles? No, he was someone who just wanted to play and do his own thing. He was an ‘every OTHER game’ guy. AD can give you ‘16 and 8’ without even trying, but he should be a ‘33 and 18’ guy every single night but he’s not because content being the star player that he is. Now EVERYBODY is blaming Anthony Davis and ripping him saying it’s all AD’s fault. He has hit that point where whatever he does is WRONG, and the rest of his stay as a Laker is going to be really, really rough because he’s getting the blame routinely every day and that’s not going to change. Short of the Lakers winning another championship this is how it’s going to go for him. Now, for the first time, I can see the Anthony Davis era ending with him being traded. They will think ‘this is not working, LeBron is at the end of his run, AD is at the end of his run, so now we gotta go get three guys that we can pay to come here that are going to win championships together and we’re redoing the Lakers. Thank you LeBron and AD for coming, we won the title in 2020, we expected a little more, but OK we got a title.’ That’s how I can see this ending with Anthony Davis, with him being dealt. It’s not going to be now or during the season, but can I see the Lakers trading AD in the offseason? I can see that happening in the offseason.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks the Lakers should trade Anthony Davis after this season, as the former All-NBA player who some once regarded as the best player in the league, will miss the next month from an MCL sprain for a fading Lakers team.

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