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Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 15

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his list of the top 10 NFL teams after Week 15 in Colin’s latest installment of the Herd Hierarchy rankings. (Video Segment at the Bottom of the Page)

10. 49ers (8-6) (Last Week: 8)

“I don’t think you want any part of the 49ers. They’ve won 5 of 6, their defense has 1+ takeaways in six straight games so they’re starting to look like the Niners Super Bowl team. They can dominate the run, Jimmy G has a passer rating over 90 in eight straight games so they’re beyond competent and B+ at quarterback, and they take the ball away. This really does look like the team who got to the Super Bowl. It doesn’t mean they will, I think the NFC is better at the top than it was that year, but if they remain healthy you want no part of them. They’re going to upset somebody in the playoffs if they get in.”

9. Cardinals (10-4) (Last Week: 6)

“It may just be that they miss DeAndre Hopkins because this offense – Kyler Murray is about 80% and they don’t have DeAndre Hopkins. It could really just be that, but for the second year in a row Kyler Murray is great early, he gets banged up, and he comes back not quite the same quarterback. Their schedule is not easy, they got the Colts, Cowboys, and Seahawks coming up so let’s keep our eyes on them, but I still think this is a team with a bunch of playmakers.”

8. Chargers (8-6) (Last Week: 7)

“Brand new coach and a young quarterback, so if you have a brand new quarterback – Matt Stafford, or a brand new coach – Brandon Staley, I’m going to mostly judge you after Thanksgiving, and they’ve been a really good football team after Week 13. Since Week 13 it’s the number two scoring offense, the number three total offense, and their defense is now getting multiple takeaways. If Derwin James is healthy, they can beat anybody including in the league, including the Chiefs.”

Check out the FULL video below.

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