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The Top-3 Sports Talk Radio Stories of 2021

Photo: Rob Carr

Jason Smith: "It's time to take a look back at what the best sports talk radio events are. You're going to get what are the best sporting events of 2021 - it will all be the same thing, Bucs winning the Super Bowl, Bucks winning the NBA title, etc... But you're going to get something different from us. The bests sports talk radio events of the year, forget about games and championships, these are the best stories for us to talk about and for you to listen to and react to, ones that had the most impact and the most lasting storylines."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon lay out the top-3 storylines in sports talk in 2021. The guys identify 3 major events and storylines that led to a flurry of different conversations and opinions throughout the year, including the rise and fall of a big-name football coach, a new landscape in college sports, and endless drama surrounding one of the biggest stars in the NFL!