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'They Were Sold a Lie': Brady Quinn Defends Urban Meyer After Jags Firing

Brady Quinn: “They were sold a lie and they were fooled; even some of the oddsmakers with Urban Meyer getting fired. Initially, the line opened before the news broke [of Meyer’s firing], the Jaguars being 3.5-point favorites to beat the Texans. Then Meyer gets fired and the line JUMPS. The Jaguars actually got two more points in some books, and it went up to 4.5 points when it was all said and done. A bunch of people hopped on this idea that ‘Urban Meyer was the problem’, and then they get drummed by another 2-11 team. You can listen to the media all you want about what Urban Meyer did or didn’t do, the culture, or how he treated his assistants, but this staff was just as much to blame for the way this organization has struggled as anything else. As far as Urban Meyer might have handled things given how this team struggled, given how the assistants struggled to be able to put together a winning game plan, that’s another conversation, but the reality is that this is a terrible football team and they’re now in position to get the number one overall pick again for a reason. They’ve drafted in the top 10 since 2008, what sort of indication does that give you?? You were sold this idea that it was just him [Urban Meyer] and now this team is going to take off. Trevor Lawrence even talked about ‘clarity’ moving forward. Well, you got ‘CLARITY’ now, you still stink and he [Urban] wasn’t the problem. As good as he [Trevor Lawrence] is, you can’t overcome the staff you're working with, and what’s around you. You are a LONG ways from being a competitive football team… What is going to be your case [for firing Meyer]? It can’t be the Josh Lambo incident, it happened too long ago and they admitted that they knew it. You can’t say ‘the reason we’re firing you for cause is for this incident that happened four months ago…’ while it kept you employed while I knew about it. That doesn’t work. You can’t fire him for other stuff where you kept him employed. The incident that happened in Ohio, you [Shad Khan] spoke publicly about it that you were giving him another chance, you can’t fire him with cause now. There is probably a laundry list of little things, and this is the road we’re on right now. You’re going to start to hear some of those things because they’ll leak their way to the public and to the media like they always do just to discredit Urban Meyer or make him feel pressure. If Urban Meyer files a lawsuit for wrongful termination, he’s going to feel comfortable saying ‘you have no reason to have fired me with cause, and you’re going to have to pay me the money that I’m owed'… It’s not just Urban Meyer, it’s every college coach that gets called up to that level. They [the media] don’t want to look at them as a guy who can be successful at that level. If you give ANYONE 13 games, they’re not turning it around with the Jaguars organization. Look at the Bengals – Urban Meyer had more credentials and more of a resume than Zac Taylor did when he was hired, yet Zac Taylor was given what, three years? And now you’re seeing them finally climb atop the AFC North after they’ve had draft classes and free agency periods. IT TAKES TIME, FOLKS. Urban Meyer didn’t have enough time, that’s the reality of it.”

Listen to former NFL quarterback and Fox Sports Radio host Brady Quinn defended Urban Meyer after his firing in Jacksonville late last week, as Quinn has been steadfast in his defense of Meyer, calling out the media for having it out for Meyer the second the college legend made the jump to the NFL.

Quinn thought it was comical that the betting lines in Vegas actually bumped up in the Jaguars favor after Meyer was fired, as Quinn says there was this phony belief that Meyer’s exodus would instantly solve all the team’s dysfunction. Jacksonville would later lose 30-16 to the Texans with Trevor Lawrence continuing his unprecedented touchdown drought, throwing just one in his last seven games.

Another narrative that Quinn discussed is his belief that there’s a major layer of dissent when it comes to hot shot college coaches joining the NFL ranks, with many former players, coaches, and media members holding this anti-college coach prejudice, where they instantly write them off as entitled and undeserving, and routinely try to manufacture negative narratives surrounding them.

Check out the segment above from 'Two Pros and a Cup of Joe' as Quinn details why he’s never bought the story Jaguars owner Shad Khan tried to spin about why he ultimately got rid of Meyer.

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