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Kurt Warner Confirms There Are Easter Eggs in ‘American Underdog’

Photo: Joe Robbins

Hall of Fame QB and true “American Underdog,” Kurt Warner joins Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show. They talk about the new biopic based on his career starring Zachary Levi, and exactly how involved he was in the development and production of the project, hinting there may be an Easter egg somewhere during the film. And he applies his NFL acumen to this season and gives his thoughts on which teams are likely to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Dan Patrick: “Are you in the movie?”

Kurt Warner: “There’s a couple what they call Easer eggs in the movie that you may be able to keep an eye on and see if you can find me and my wife...”

Dan: “Did you have approval on Zach Levi who plays you?”

Kurt: “No, I had no approval when it came to the casting. (I) left that up to people that are much smarter than me, but Zach does a great job. I think when you think about the casting, you’re always thinking, ‘OK, does he look like me?’ is the most important thing and obviously Zach looks like me. But it really comes down to what they do on the big screen. And Zach and Anna (Paquin) I thought did a great job of playing myself and my wife in this movie.”