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The 2 Best NFL Landing Spots for Jim Harbaugh

Photo: Justin Casterline

Jason Smith: "Jim Harbaugh would have to go to an NFL team where he'll be allowed to do his thing and not butt heads with the front office. The two BEST options by far are the Bears and Giants. They'll sweep everyone out to get him. After that, then the Broncos. But the AFC West might be too tough to win in."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the latest rumor indicating a potential return to the NFL for Jim Harbaugh. The guys explain why 2 potential head coaching vacancies would be the best jobs for Harbaugh to take, with one of them being a franchise that he has a deep-rooted history with. However, Jason breaks down why the Las Vegas Raiders should not be seen seen as a strong suitor for Harbaugh.