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The Giants Are Only Getting Worse Under Joe Judge

Denver Broncos v New York Giants

Photo: Getty Images

Giants Head Coach Joe Judge disputes the notion that the team is a "clown show," but today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington tell you why the coaches tactics aren't working and the team is only getting worse. New York has a lot of good pieces in place, but it's becoming clear the disciple of Bill Belichick is not the right leader for this team.

Brady Quinn: "Can I just speak this peace? What did you expect when you sat Daniel Jones down for the rest of the season? If you're an organization and you're basically saying to everyone, 'Hey, we're thinking about our quarterback's future and our future right not.' What do you expect the rest of the players to start doing? They're not looking to play for each other anymore. They're in preservation mode... I don't get it. This team is only getting worse. The sad part is they actually have a lot of pieces in my opinion. They could be a good football team. You bring in Russell Wilson, that changes the entire dynamics of this football team."