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Why You Can't Blame Tom Brady or Bruce Arians For Antonio Brown's Actions

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker debate if Antonio Brown's actions, from the fake vaccination card to walking out on the team, are more a result of Tom Brady and Bruce Arians enabling him. Rob Parker argues that Tom Brady and Bruce Arians set themselves up for failure in bringing back Brown and now have egg on their faces to show for it. Chris Broussard, however, argues that this only reflects poorly on Antonio Brown:

Chris Broussard: "There's one person to blame, and that's Antonio Brown. You are responsible for your own actions. Period. I don't care if somebody enabled you. People have gone through all types of issues in life, from abuse and trauma, and those are sad stories, and we want to get them help however we can. But, you may have been traumatized at some point, but when you're an adult, I still gotta hold you accountable for your actions...If you want to say Brady and Arians enabled Antonio Brown, fine. But Brown ultimately is to blame...Who gets hurt from what Antonio Brown did yesterday? Nobody but Antonio Brown."