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Cleveland Browns Should be Ashamed of What They've Done to Baker Mayfield

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss the fate of Baker Mayfield, who is coming off a less than stellar season with the Cleveland Browns filled with mediocre performances, injuries, and drama. Rob Parker comes to the defense of Baker Mayfield and thinks the Cleveland Browns organization has not done right by him but seems willing to put the blame on him for the teams' shortcomings.

Chris Broussard: "Should the Cleveland Browns move on? Should this have been Baker Mayfield's last game with the Browns?"
Rob Parker: "The Cleveland Browns should be ashamed of themselves for what they put Baker Mayfield through. I'm not saying he's the second coming of anybody or he's the greatest quarterback since sliced bread. This guy has tried to play through injuries all year for them, and I think it's wrong for people to pile on this guy who last year played relatively well...I should take that out. He played WELL for them! They won 11 games! They went to the playoffs! There's no denying that. He played WELL. They won a playoff game against their arch-rival the Pittsburgh Steelers! Blew them out! He came back this year, and he didn't get the contract. I get they wanted to wait longer, but he played well enough that he could've. He could've. I know it's not the throwing shoulder but it's still an injury and other stuff that's going on. They asked this guy to go out there and grit it out and fight through it and try for your team because coming into the season, listen to all the analysts. 'They had a 'Super Bowl Roster.' So he was trying to make it work and trying to stay in there...Baker Mayfield, you don't play hurt! You don't do it, especially when you haven't gotten your contract. They pimped you! The Cleveland Browns pimped you. They will use you as the scapegoat. They will use you and say, 'Look, he can't play! Baker's garbage! He's terrible!' Boy have people forgotten about a year ago."