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Washington Football Team's New Name May Have Accidentally Been Revealed

Photo: Patrick Smith

The Washington Football Team is set to finally reveal its new name and logo next month, but a website may have already spoiled the surprise.

CBS Sports reports redirected to the team's official website, at the time of publication on Tuesday, nearly a full month ahead of the scheduled naming announcement on February 2.

The "Admirals" nickname is among the nine finalists previously confirmed by the team to be in consideration for the 2022 name change along with "Armada," "Presidents" and "Red Hogs."

As of Wednesday, however, the website redirects to the "Who We Are" page for the Giving Kitchen, "a food service community meeting crisis with compassion and care."

It's possible that Washington didn't set up the domain and someone else could have done so for a variety of reasons, but "Admirals" was the only rumored nickname to be included with "Washington" in a link to the Football Team's website as of this week.

In August, Washington shared the latest episode of its YouTube series Making the Brand, which concluded with team president Jason Wright, head coach Ron Rivera and general manager Martin Mayhew going through the final three names, all of which were edited out.

"So the three that we'll go through are: [beeped out], [beeped out] and [beeped out]," Wright says in the video. 

Rivera responds by saying he "really liked" one of the names, but again, the video is conveniently censored not to reveal the mystery options.

Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post reports the episode was filmed in July and the team has, in fact, narrowed its options to three. Additionally, Wright told Jhabvala "we're always a few steps ahead of that in the process," in regards to the team actually being ahead of the show in its rebranding process.

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