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Colin Cowherd Says Joe Burrow, Not Aaron Rodgers, Should Be MVP

Colin Cowherd: “Joe Burrow should be MVP. Burrow has less talent -- beats Aaron in completion percentage, Aaron has fewer picks, touchdown passes the same, Burrow gets more passing yards per game and over a yard more per attempt, both their passer ratings are amazing, but Joe has less talent, a younger roster, it’s a losing franchise, and in a significantly tougher division. And in the biggest game for both teams out of division against Kansas City, Burrow was amazing and Aaron wasn’t available. Burrow threw for over 700 more yards and a higher completion percentage. Burrow leads the NFL with 15 touchdown passes over 30 yards, Aaron has got two. Pro Football Focus has Joe Burrow graded number one, and Aaron is number four. Aaron is in a crappy division. The Lions are two layups a year, the Bears were a mess this year, and the Vikings aren’t very good and still beat Green Bay. Burrow had to go up against the Steelers defense twice, the wildly talented Cleveland defense twice, and Baltimore when they were healthy had a good defense. Burrow has also been sacked almost twice as much as Aaron Rodgers, and has a worse offensive line. He beats Aaron in virtually every category. Aaron doesn’t throw the ball down the field as much, so he has fewer interceptions. Cincinnati plays in a tougher division, they had a tougher schedule, Burrow had a brutal offensive line, and he beats Aaron in almost every category. Aaron also has the better coach, the better organization, the better front office, and an easier division. I’m not going to give you an MVP just because you don’t throw many interceptions. How many touchdowns, do you throw the ball down the field, and do you have to overcome anything? This is a political thing now and the clickmeisters will be out there saying it’s about the vaccination. I don’t like that reporter's reason for not voting for Rodgers, but I do think it matters that in the biggest game on the schedule – forget vaccination – Green Bay vs. Kansas City was the game we circled as the Super Bowl. Aaron wasn’t available. Burrow was and he was unbelievable against a red hot Chiefs defense. If you’re honest and get out of the politics and the nonsense, I think there is an absolute argument to be made that Burrow is the MVP.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Joe Burrow, NOT current frontrunner Aaron Rodgers, should be the 2022 NFL MVP.

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