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Baker Mayfield vs the Cleveland Media

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns

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Friday on 2 Pros a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington address Baker Mayfield's latest beef with Cleveland media and the likelihood that there is a riff between him and the Browns organization. They discuss how small markets are often more favorable to players than larger ones and Brady advocates for Mary Kay Cabot's journalistic integrity and how she has covered Baker throughout his career.

Brady Quinn: "Mary Kay Cabot has always been favorable to Baker Mayfield and in many instances when things were rough or adverse, you saw a lot of things positive that come out of the Baker Mayfield camp, and it was usually Mary Kay Cabot talking about it. Earlier on this season she kind of talked about all the injuries that he was going through and all the things he was dealing with so people weren't so harsh on him because of his play this season. So it's odd now that this has all turned just because of what was probably either said privately, or talked about privately and has now become public."