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Colin Cowherd Says Jim Harbaugh Should Ignore NFL Offers, Stay at Michigan

Colin Cowherd: “According to Bruce Feldman at The Athletic, Jim Harbaugh has very positive feelings about the Chicago Bears. I have a rule in life – don’t ever get happier than ‘happy’. If you can be ‘happy’, you’ve hit it out of the park. Very few people are truly happy. Jim Harbaugh is HAPPY. The problem with the Bears job is that it’s got anxiety all over it. It’s got more questions than answers. The Bears at quarterback with Justin Fields? I ‘think’ Justin Fields is good but he was bad a lot and hurt a lot. Offensive line issues, defense is old and needs to be rebuilt, GM – don’t know him and don’t like the looks of it. Lot of anxiety, lot of questions, and not a lot of answers. Michigan is nothing but answers. It’s a top 10-12 program, it’s the second-best program in the Big Ten, he’s got his quarterback, Cade McNamara, coming back, he has a young and excellent recruiting staff, they have recruiting momentum, and Jim’s dad is right enough the corner -- the kids can run over and hang out at grandpa’s all the time. I think Jim is a great coach and should be the number one candidate in the NFL, he’d be great in the NFL, and I think he’d be great for the Raiders, but that organization outside Derek Carr similarly has a lot of questions. The owner, the GM, the roster, the division – Mahomes and Herbert twice a year, and what if Aaron Rodgers goes to Denver?? My advice would be: be careful Jim, leaving a place with answers where you’re very well compensated and very happy, for a place where two of those three will be true but it’s a bunch of questions. The transfer portal and NIL is a little bit of an unregulated mess, but I would have a hard time leaving Michigan. I would totally get it if he leaves Michigan, but man, there’s a lot of happiness there, and there’s a lot of answers there. Those are tough places to leave.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Jim Harbaugh should spurn a reunion with the NFL and stay with the Michigan Wolverines, as the former NFC Champion head coach who has won everywhere he has been, is being linked to the Bears, Raiders, and Jaguars head coaching positions.

Check out the segment above as Colin details all the reasons why staying at his alma mater is the better move despite being the no. 1 coaching candidate for the 2022 offseason.

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