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Here is the Latest on Gruesome Injury to AEW's Rey Fenix

Former All Elite Wrestling World Tag Team Champion Rey Fenix is reported to have "badly dislocated" his arm but avoided breaking it, during a gruesome mid-match spot on Dynamite Wednesday night.

Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez tweeted "Fenix update: No break, just badly dislocated," on Thursday, adding that the AEW star "still needs MRI to check for ligament damage."

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp reports Fenix was hospitalized late Thursday night and "it was said originally everyone feared a break and surgery," but also confirmed there was "no fracture."

Fenix was defending the AEW World Tag Team championships alongside his Lucha Brothers tag team partner and real-life brother Pentagon Jr. (Penta El Zero Miedo) against Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) when the injury took place.

Fenix was choke slammed from the ring apron by Luchasaurus through a table outside the ring and took an awkward landing in which his arm appeared to be caught underneath him and bent back in an unnatural way.

AEW medical staff immediately rushed to the ring in response to Fenix's injury.

Fenix didn't factor in the ending of Thursday's tag team title match and was instead rushed backstage for evaluation while Jungle Boy pinned Penta for Jurassic Express' first championship victory.

Additionally, Jake Atlas, who was announced to have signed with AEW just days prior, also reportedly experienced an injury minutes later during his match against Adam Cole taped ahead of time for Friday's episode of Rampage.

PWInsider reports Atlas attempted "a springboard from the apron into the ring" and took a superkick from Cole, but "hurt his knee coming down and began grabbing at it."

Atlas reportedly had difficulty putting weight on his knee after the awkward fall and was unable to take the 'Panama Sunrise' from Cole, who instead put Atlas in a kneebar submission to end the match.

PWI nsider reports AEW officials helped Atlas get backstage after the match concluded and an update has not yet been provided as of Wednesday afternoon.

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